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Imported MOS Models

The device library supplied with WRspice contains a number of MOS models supplied by various development groups. The models that are currently provided in the device library are listed below. Specific models are selected through the level parameter. Other parameters are specific to that model, and there is not in general a great deal of commonality of parameter names between the various models. Only the simple models provided in SPICE3 will be documented. Documentation for the third-party models is available from the Whiteley Research web site.

The user should see the help system for the most recent list of available models, since the list may have changed after the manual was printed.

The devmod command can be used to change the model levels of these devices, with the exception of the MOS device (levels 1-3 and 6) whose level numbers are fixed. Alternatively, the .mosmap keyword can be used in SPICE input to map the level number of a foreign simulator into the number expected by WRspice. The .mosmap line, which must be read before the corresponding .model line, is followed by two integers. The first integer is the level number found in the file, the second is the WRspice level number appropriate for the model parameter set. Both of these methods avoid the need to copy the model file and edit the level number.

The table below lists all of the MOS levels recognized in WRspice.

Level Name Description
1 MOS The SPICE3 mos1 (Shichman-Hodges) model
2 MOS The SPICE3 mos2 model described in [1]
3 MOS The SPICE3 mos3 semi-empirical model (see[1])
4 BSIM1 The SPICE3 bsim1 empirical model described in [2]
5 BSIM2 The SPICE3 bsimw model, successor to bsim1
6 MOS The SPICE3 mos6 model
7, 49 BSIM3.2.0 U.C. Berkeley bsim-3.2.0 model
8, 47 BSIM3.2.4 U.C. Berkeley bsim-3.2.4 model
9, 53 BSIM3.3.0 U.C. Berkeley bsim-3.3.0 model
12 BSIM4.2.1 U.C. Berkeley bsim-4.2.1 model
13 BSIM4.3.0 U.C. Berkeley bsim-4.3.0 model
14 BSIM4.4.0 U.C. Berkeley bsim-4.4.0 model
15, 54 BSIM4.6.5 U.C. Berkeley bsim-4.6.5 model
16, 56 BSIM4.7.0 U.C. Berkeley bsim-4.7.0 model
17, 59 BSIM4.8.0 U.C. Berkeley bsim-4.8.0 model
20 BSIMSOI-3.0 U.C. Berkeley bsimsoi-3.0 SOI model
21 BSIMSOI-3.2 U.C. Berkeley bsimsoi-3.2 SOI model
22, 57 BSIMSOI-4.0 U.C. Berkeley bsimsoi-4.0 SOI model
23, 70 BSIMSOI-4.3 U.C. Berkeley bsimsoi-4.3 SOI model
24, 71 BSIMSOI-4.4 U.C. Berkeley bsimsoi-4.4 SOI model
25, 55 EKV-2.6 EPFL (Switzerland) MOS model release 2.6
30 HISIM-1.1.0 Hiroshima University hisim-1.1.0 model
31, 64 HISIM-1.2.0 Hiroshima University hisim-1.2.0 model
33 Soi3 Southampton Thermal Analogue (STAG-2.6) SOI model
36, 58 UFSOI-7.5 U. Florida SOI model release 7.5


BSIM models
The home page for the Berkeley BSIM models is bsim3. The home page for the Berkeley BSIMSOI models is bsimsoi.

In WRspice release 3.2.5, MOS level 54 was changed to point to the BSIM-4.6.5 model, which replaced the BSIM-4.6.1 model. In earlier releases, level 54 pointed to BSIM-4.3.0. Going forward, level 54 will point to the ``latest and greatest'' BSIM4 model available.

The level EKV-2.6 model installation has not been validated by EPFL, and by agreement until such validation is performed there is no claim that this is THE EKV model. The EKV home page is

The STAG (Southampton Thermal Analogue Model) does not appear to be available from or supported by the author anymore. This model will likely be removed in a future release.

The HiSIM model source code is no longer generally available, and is behind a Comapct Modeling Council firewall. It is unlikely that newer HiSIM models will be added unless there is a specific customer request.

The home page for the U. Florida modes is

Manuals for the BSIM3/4 and third-party MOS models are available on the Whiteley Research web site.

If you need a specific device model, please send a note to Whiteley Research. It is possible that the model can be added.

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