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Simulation Options Panel

The Simulation Options panel is obtained from the Sim Opts button in the Tools menu of the Tool Control window. The panel can control the values of internal variables used to define parameters used while simulating. These variables can also be set with the set command, though the panel may provide a more convenient interface. They are also commonly set in .options lines in SPICE input files.

Pressing the Help button pops up a window containing a listing of the variables which can be set with the panel. Clicking on a word in the listing will bring up the help viewer with a description of that variable.

The panel is organized into multiple pages, with each page containing the variables in a particular category. These will be listed below.

Each variable has its own ``box'' in the panel. This box contains a Set button, and optionally a Def button and a text input area. The text input area can take several forms, depending on the type of variable: string, integer, or real. Boolean variables have only the Set button. Text can be entered into the area, or in some cases the up/down arrows to the right of the text area can be clicked to adjust the text.

When the Set button is active, the variable is set to the value shown in the text area (if any), and the text area is frozen, i.e., can't be edited. The text area can be changed only with the Set button inactive, in which case the value in the text area is arbitrary. The value is only known to WRspice when the Set button is active, in which case the variable should appear in the listing brought up by the Variables button in the Tools menu in the Tool Control window.

The Def button will enter the default value for the variable into the text area. This button becomes active if the text area is modified.

The General Page
This page contains entries for some common simulation settings.

The Timestep Page
This page privides a number of entries that control or affect the timestep prediction in transient analysis, including the integration method.

The Tolerance Page
The entries provided on this page set the precision required for convergence in simulation.

The Convergence Page
This page provides entries which control convergence iteration limits and similar, including setting the algorithm for initial dc operating point computation.

The Devices Page
The Devices page provides some settings which affect particular device types or models.

The Temperature Page
The two global temperature parameters can be set from this page.

The Parser Page
This page provides controls which affect parsing of circuit descriptions.

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