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Command Completion

Tenex-style command, filename, and keyword completion is available. If Ctrl-D (EOF) is typed, a list of the commands or possible arguments is printed. If Tab (or instead, Esc if command line editing is disabled) is typed, then WRspice will try to complete the word being typed based on the choices available, or if there is more than one possibility, it will complete as much as it can. Command completion knows about commands, most keywords, variable and vector names, file names, and several other types of arguments. To get a list of all commands, the user can type Ctrl-D at the WRspice prompt. Note that for keyboard input, the EOF character, Ctrl-D, does not exit the shell.

Command completion is disabled if the -q option is given on the WRspice command line, or if the nocc variable is set.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18