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The devcnt Command

This command will print a table of instantiation counts of the different device types found in the current circuit.

devcnt [model_name ...]
These are the number of device structures used in the internal representation of the circuit, after subcircuit expansion.

If no arguments appear, all devices found will be included. Otherwise, arguments are taken as model names (the leftmost element printed in the output), which may include use of ``globbing'' characters `*' and `?' and friends. Briefly, `?' matches any character, '*' matches any set of characters or no characters, ``[abc]'' matches the characters `a', `b', and `c', and ``a{bc,de}'' matches ``abc'' and ``ade''. Matching is case-insensitive.

Note that every device has a model, which is created internally if not given explicitly. In particular, simple resistor, inductor, and capacitor devices have default models named ``R'', ``L'', and ``C''.

The devcnt table for all devices is also appended to the standard output of batch jobs.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18