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The mplot Command

The mplot command is used to plot the results from margin analysis, which includes operating range and Monte Carlo analyses. It is also used to set and clear interactive margin analysis plotting.

mplot [[-on|-off] | [-c][filename ...] | vector]
The filenames are names of files produced by the margin analysis. If no file is specified, the file produced by the last margin analysis run in the current session is assumed. If no margin analysis files have been produced in the current session, the file named ``check.dat'' is assumed. It is also assumed that these files exist in the current directory. The name of the most recent margin analysis output file produced in the current session is saved in the mplot_cur variable.

The results from operating range/Monte Carlo analysis are also hidden away in the resulting plot structure. The mplot can be displayed by entering ``mplot vector'' where vector is any vector in the plot.

The vector can actually be any multi-dimensional vector, from margin analysis or not. The selections (see below) can then be used to determine which dimensions are displayed in subsequent plots.

The -c option combines the operating range data from the files on the command line into a single display, if possible. Thus, if two or more successive operating range analysis runs are required to obtain the total operating range, then it is possible to plot all of the results on a single graph with the -c option. The data must have identical coordinate spacing and projected origins to be combinable.

There are two switches, -on and -off, which control whether or not operating range analysis results are plotted on the screen during analysis, similar to the iplot command. Entering mplot -on will cause margin analysis results to be plotted while simulating, and mplot -off will turn this feature off.

The display consists of an array of cells, each of which represent the results of a single trial. As the results become available, the cells indicate a pass or fail. In operating range analysis, the cells indicate a particular bias condition according to the axes. In Monte Carlo analysis, the position of the cells has no significance. In this case the display indicates the number of trials completed.

The panel includes a Help button which brings up the appropriate topic in the help system, a Redraw button to redraw the plot if, for example, the plotting colors are redefined, and a Print button for generating hard copy output of the plot.

Text entered while the pointer is in the mplot window will appear in the plot, and hardcopies. This text, and other text which appears in the plot, can be edited in the manner of text in plot windows.

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