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The rusage Command

The rusage command is used to obtain information about the consumption of system resources and other statistics during the WRspice session.

rusage [all] [resource ...]
If any resource keywords are given, only those resources are printed. All resources are printed if the keyword all is given. With no arguments, only total time and space usage are printed. The show command can also be used to obtain resource statistics. The recognized keywords are listed below.

The stats command is almost identical to rusage, and accepts the same keywords. The difference is that stats given without arguments will print all run statistics.

In release 4.3.10 and later, statistics accumulate in Monte Carlo, operating range, and sweep operations. This was not the case in earlier releases.

The two tables that follow list the available resource statistics. An internal statistical database maintains these values, the rusage and stats commands are the user interface to this database. The following are a few keywords handled by the rusage and stats commands directly. Other keywords are passed in queries to the internal statistical database.

This keyword prints the total amount of time that has elapsed since the last call of the rusage or stats command with the elapsed keyword (explicit or implied with ``all''), or to the program start time.

This keyword prints the number of page faults and context switches seen by the program thus far. See also pagefaults, involcxswitch, and volcxswitch for the values that occurred during the last anslysis.

This keyword will print the memory presently in use by WRspice.

If this keyword is given, the total time used in the present session will be printed.

subsubsectionStatistical Database Entries

The statistical database contains the following data items, listed in the tables below and with a more detailed description of each item following.

Resource Name Description  
Real-Valued Parameters
cvchktime Time spent convergence testing.  
loadtime Device model evaluation and matrix load time.  
lutime L-U decomposition time.  
reordertime Matrix reordering time.  
solvetime Matrix solve time.  
time Total analysis time.  
tranlutime Transient L-U decomposition time.  
tranouttime Transient output recording time.  
transolvetime Transient solve time.  
trantime Transient time.  
trantstime Transient timestep computation time.  
Integer-Valued Parameters
accept Accepted timepoints.  
equations Circuit equations.  
fillin Fill-in terms from decomposition.  
involcxswitch Involuntary context switches during analysis.  
loadthrds Number of device loading helper threads.  
loopthrds Number of repetitive analysis helper threads.  
matsize Matrix size.  
nonzero Number of nonzero matrix entries.  
pagefaults Number of page faults during analysis.  
rejected Number of rejected timepoints.  
runs Accumulated core analysis runs.  
totiter Total iterations.  
trancuriters Transient interations at last timepoint.  
traniter Transient interations.  
tranitercut Transient timepoints where iteration limit exceeded.  
tranpoints Transient timepoints.  
trantrapcut Transient timepoints where trapcheck failed.  
volcxswitch Voluntary context switches during analysis.  

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