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The Release Notes Button: View Release Notes

The Release Notes button in the Help Menu brings up a text browser window loaded with the release notes for the current Xic release.

The release notes are installed by default in the directory /usr/local/xictools/xic/docs, and Xic searches this directory for the notes. Xic can be directed to look in a different directory in two ways. First, the environment variable XIC_DOCS_DIR can be set to the directory to search. Second, the variable DocsDir can be set (with the !set command) to the directory to search. The release notes describe bugs fixed and new features added to Xic, and should be read after a new release is installed. Also, they serve as supplements to the manual between printings. By policy, all updated information contained in the release note is incorporated into the help database for a given release.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28