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The !ushow Command: Show Unassociated Elements

Syntax: !ushow [types]
This command will highlight unassociated objects. These are objects in physical mode that have no identified electrical counterpart, and vice-versa.

The types argument is a word containing characters that indicate the object types to display:

g or n groups/nodes
d devices
s or c subcells/subcircuits

If this argument is omitted, ``gds'' is the effective value, which will show all unassociated groups, devices, and subcircuits.

The command works in physical and electrical modes. Display windows will highlight the appropriate unassociated objects for the window's display mode.

The highlighting is removed on a deselect operation, with the menu button or otherwise. Mostly, the objects are simply selected, however objects such as physical devices use other highlighting methods.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28