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The !mo Command: Move Objects

Syntax: !mo x [y [layer_name]]
The !mo command will move selected objects to a new location offset by x, y (in microns) from the original object. If not given, y is zero.

The third argument, if given, will allow a layer change during the move. It should be the name of a layer that is not the current layer. How this is applied depends on the setting of the LayerChangeMode variable, or equivalently the settings of the Layer Change Mode pop-up from the Set Layer Chg Mode button in the Modify Menu. For the layer change, the passed layer_name is taken as the ``new current layer'', however the actual current layer does not change. Subcells are moved without regard to layer_name or the layer change mode.

There is a companion !co (copy) command.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28