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The !diffcells Command: Create Cells from Comparisons

Syntax: !diffcells [filename]
This command will read a file produced by the Compare Layouts panel or the !compare command, and generate cells in the current symbol table containing the difference objects. If no filename is given, a file named ``diff.log'', in the current directory, will be read. Otherwise, the given file will be read, which should contain comparison output in the format of the diff.log file produced by the comparison commands.

The new cells are given the name of the source cell with a suffix ``_df12'' or ``_df21''. The ``12'' cells contain the objects found in the ``«<'' cell but not the ``»>'' cell, and vice-versa for the ``21'' cells. The created cells contain only geometry, so do not have subcells, and instance differences are ignored.

This can be very useful for graphically displaying the differences between cells.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28