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The !ldshared Command: Load Plug-In Script Library

Syntax: !ldshared library [args...]
This will load a script library plug-in as created with the scrkit provided with Xic distributions. The scrkit directory contains files and instruction for creating libraries of C/C++ functions which can be called from scripts.

The required argument is a path to the shared library file as generated from the scrkit system. Anything else in the line is passed to the library init function verbatim. The library author can add a parser for this, for providing initialization options if needed.

Loaded libraries can not be unloaded, but can be reloaded, perhaps after modification and recompile. If a library is reloaded, a !rehash is done, to eliminate bad function pointers to the library functions, which would likely crash the program if referenced.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28