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Keyboard `!' Commands

The !set variables below affect the `!' commands available from the keyboard. Commands of this form that are not recognized as internal commands are assumed to be operating system commands, and are executed in a separate window under a command shell.

Value: string.
This variable can be set to the name of a command interpreter which will be used for the `!' and !shellcmd inputs. The interpreter will be instantiated in its own window. If not given, the shell program used will be taken from the SHELL environment variable, and if this variable is not found the default is ``/bin/sh''. WRspice users can set the shell to ``wrspice'' for quick access to the full user interface of that program.

Under Microsoft Windows, the value must be a full path name to the shell executable, and the COMSPEC environment variable is also consulted for the default shell, after the SHELL variable.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28