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File Menu -- Printing

The following !set variables affect the commands in the File Menu, mostly the Print command.

Value: boolean.
By default, in the File Selection and Path Files Listing windows, a confirmation pop-up will appear before move/copy/link operations on files or directories initiated by drag/drop. If this variable is set, this confirmation will not appear. The confirmation default is safer, but may be annoying to experienced users.

Note: in releases prior to 3.0.0, there was no confirmation, as if this variable were set.

Value: string.
Under Unix/Linux/OS X, this variable overrides the default operating system command string to print a file. In Windows, this will be the printer name instead.

This should probably be set before the Print panel is used for the first time, as some drivers may copy the initial contents so that changing this variable will have no effect. It can be set in a startup file.

If not set, the default print command is ``lpr'' (or ``default'' in Windows). See the man page for lpr or lp for the print options which apply on your system, which can be placed in the default string. In the printer command string, the characters ``%s'' are replaced with the name of the temporary file to be printed. If these characters don't appear, the file name is tacked on the end of the command string, separated by space.

Value: boolean.
The PostScript hard copy drivers use PostScript text for labels by default, not the vector font used on-screen. This can be overridden, and the vector font used, by setting this variable. Multi-line labels are always drawn with the vector font, however.

Value: integer 0-4320.
When a layout or page is printed, a temporary file is produced and saved in one of the system temporary directories. By default, these files are not removed. The temporary directories are generally cleared when the system is rebooted, or by some other system-level means.

On some operating systems, the print command can include an option to delete the temporary source file after the print job is complete. The DefaultPrintCmd variable can be set to include this option.

Otherwise, this variable can be set to delete the temporary file a number of minutes after the print job is submitted. On some systems, the temporary file is copied into the print job queue, so that the temporary file can be deleted almost immediately. On other systems, or for large files, a link into the queue is created instead, so that the file must not be deleted until the job is complete. There is no universal way to determine if a print job has completed, so we need to wait a reasonable length of time before deleting the file.

This variable can be set to the number of minutes to wait before deleting the temporary file. If set to 0, the file will not be deleted by this system, as is the case if this variable is not set. The deletion will occur whether or not the application is still running.

Currently, this feature is not available on Windows. It uses the Unix at command (see the manual page for details). The user must have permission established for this to work. A message is printed in the console when a file is scheduled for deletion, or if an error (such as lack of permission) occurs.

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Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28