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The XicTools Accessories

The XicTools accessories are programs provided in the optional accessories distribution file. These are open-source programs, and the source code distribution can be found in the free software archive of

The programs in the accessories distributions are the following.

A stand-alone help/www browser. This can be used to browse the Xic and WRspice help databases, or general HTML and image files. It supports HTML-3.2 and a few 4.0 features, so is no longer much good as a web browser, but it works well as a help system and viewer.

A stand-alone text editor window, as descriptd in 3.13.2. This is one polymorph of a widget that can be configured as a file browser or email client as well.

A program for retrieving files served from a remote FTP or HTTP server.

A program for creating standard HTML files from help database (.hlp) files.

A bridge program to allow access to a help database through a web server.

A post-processor for FastCap and FasterCap (from output, which finds and prints the capacitance values.

lstpack and lstunpack
Utilities to convert FastCap input files between the packed (single file) and unpacked (multiple file) formats. The Whiteley Research release of FastCap and FasterCap from understand the packed format, other versions do not.

These tools and the supporting libraries are provided in the hope that they may be useful, under the GNU Library General Public License. This is open-source software, with no guarantees whatsoever, use at your own risk.

The graphics support library was originally written as a toolkit-independent layer between the application and the GUI. It is used in all graphical XicTools programs. Support was available for GTK-1 and GTK-2, Windows native WIN32, and QT. At present, the WIN32 and QT support have been discontinued, and GTK-1 is no longer used and the support is probably broken. The GTK-2 library is fully portable to all of the target platforms, so there is no compelling reason to supoort multiple toolkits at present. QT support was never finalized or used in Whiteley Research products, though it is currently in use in a product sold by another vendor which uses licensed Whiteley Research code. Eventually, the library will be updated to use GTK-3, which is the current toolkit under development by the GTK team.

If the framework looks like it might be useful in your commercial application, contact Whiteley Research for licensing info and help in porting/adapting.

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Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28