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Updating to 4.2
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Updating to 4.2

Welcome to the 4.2 production series releases of Xic and WRspice.

The following applies to Linux and OS X releases only. Windows releases use the historic file placement, and the SafeInstall feature is not available.

The major change that you will encounter when installing the new Linux and OS X releases is that the locations of the Xic and WRspice executables have changed. Since the earliest XicTools releases, these have been placed in a common xictools/bin directory. Now, there are separate bin directories for Xic and WRspice, respectively xictools/xic/bin and xictools/wrspice/bin, which receive the executable files. Thus, xictools/xic and xictools/wrspice are now the root directories of all files in the respective program distributions.

The new locations allow the new SafeInstall installation logic. This new installation format retains earlier versions completely, and the installation can be reverted to any retained version by changing a single symbolic link.

However, initially the new executables won't be visible in the shell search path! The maintainer should perform one of the following procedures to enable access of the executables through the search path. Below, if the programs are not installed under /usr/local, use the actual location in the paths.

Option 1
Add the new directories /usr/local/xictools/xic/bin and /usr/local/xictools/wrspice/bin to the search path in the shell startup file.
Option 2
One can symbolically link the programs into the common xictools/bin. For example, go to /usr/local/xictools/bin, and give
ln -s ../xic/bin/* .
This only needs to be done once, and avoids the need for users to change their search paths.
Option 3
One can put shell script wrappers into /usr/local/xictools/bin that call the programs. This is useful if you need to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH for plugins, or need to set other environment variables, which is conveniently done in the wrapper.

In all cases, the executable referenced should be under xictools/xic/bin or xictools/wrspice/bin. Using SafeInstall, the xic and wrspice are symbolic links, and it is important that all references be made through the link. If the link is changed to point to a different release tree, all references will then follow the change.

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