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Josephson Junction Model

Type Name: jj

The default Josephson junction model is an extended version of the RSJ model as used by Jewett[11]. There are actually three Josephson junction models available, through the level model parameter, which can take values 1 through 3. The default level=1 model is the RSJ model mentioned. This model has a simplified Verilog-A version which can be found among the Verilog-A examples. This can be compiled with the adms utility into a run-time loadable module which can be loaded with the devload command. A pre-compiled module is provided with the example. Once loaded into WRspice, the model can be accessed with level=2>.

For level=3, a microscopic tunnel junction ``Werthamer'' model, also known as a tunnel junction model (TJM) is provided. The model is more physics-based than the empirical RSJ model.


Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18