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There are three different scaling entries which may apply. If there are no cells listed in the Top-Level Cells entry area, then none of the ``per cell'' settings (to be described) apply, and the value in the Conversion Scale Factor entry area will be used to scale all coordinates read from the source. The Conversion Scale Factor will be ignored if any cells are listed in the Top-Level Cells area, and scaling values will be obtained from the ``per cell'' entries.

The ``per cell'' entries allow scaling of the cell definitions written to output, and magnification of any instantiations created in a top-level cell in output.

Conversion Scale Factor numeric entry area
This provides a scale factor for cell data read from the source when no Top-Level Cells have been given. This value is ignored otherwise. This can range from .001 through 1000.0, and is applied to all coordinates of cells being read from the present source.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28