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Xic Variables

Xic maintains an internal list of keyword/value associations. Although this list can be used for general purposes, there are a number of special keywords, or ``variables'', whose value will affect Xic operation. Variables are set with the !set command, and can be unset with the !unset command. The script functions Set, Unset, SetExpand, and Get also provide an interface to this database. Variables can be set from the technology file, and a number of the buttons in menus and various pop-ups really do nothing more than control the state of one of these variables.

Any variable name can be set with the !set command. The variables and constructs that have meaning to Xic are summarized in the table below. These are described more fully in the sections that follow.

Special Constructs
!set List variables currently set
!set ? List these variables Set device property
DatabaseResolution Set internal units
NetNamesCaseSens Net names are case-sensitive
Subscripting Set net name subscripting character
DrfDebug Report undefined layer attribute names
Paths and Directories
Path Design data file search path
LibPath Startup file and library search path
HelpPath Help file search path
ScriptPath Script file search path
NoReadExclusive Don't move stripped path to front of search path
AddToBack Add stripped path to back of search path
DocsDir Directory containing release documentation
ProgramRoot Set to the program's installation directory
TeePrompt Copy messages to given filename or ``stdout''
General Visual
MouseWheel Set mouse wheel rate parameters
ListPageEntries Maximum entries per page in list pop-ups
NoInstnameLables Don't use instance names in unexpanded instances
NoLocalImage Don't compose images locally
NoPixmapStore Don't use screen backing memory
NoDisplayCache Don't use multi-object rendering for boxes
LowerWinOffset Pixel spacing of pop-up windows above prompt line
PhysGridOrigin Set the origin of the grid displayed in physical mode
ScreenCoords Show window pixel coordinates
PixelDelta Cursor selection proximity is screen pixels
NoPhysRedraw When set, don't redraw physical windows after layer visibility change
NoToTop Don't move obscured windows to top
`!' Commands
Shell Path to shell used for external commands
OpenAccess Interface
OaLibraryPath Set location for hidden libraries
OaDefLibrary Default library name
OaDefTechLibrary Default technology attachment library
OaDefLayoutView Default layout view name
OaDefSchematicView Default schematic view name
OaDefSymbolView Default symbol view name
OaDefDevPropView Default device property view name
OaDmSystem Set design management system
OaDumpCdfFiles Dump CDF data to a file
OaUseOnly Restrict to physical/electrical data
Parameterized Cells
PCellAbutMode Control pcell auto-abutment
PCellHideGrips Hide stretch handles if set
PCellGripInstSize Instance size threshold for stretch handles
PCellKeepSubMasters Include pcell sub-masters in file output
PCellListSubMasters Include pcell sub-masters in modified cells list
PCellScriptPath Search path for pcell scripts
PCellShowAllWarnings Show warnings during pcell evaluation
Standard Vias
ViaKeepSubMasters Include standard via sub-masters in file output
ViaListSubMasters Include standard via sub-masters in modified cells list
LogIsLog10 The log function returns base-10 when set
MarkInstanceOrigin Show origin of selected instances
MarkObjectCentroid Show centroids of selected physical objects
SelectTime Set delay (msec) to activate move
NoAltSelection Use legacy click-selection logic
MaxBlinkingObjects Maximum number of objects shown blinking
Side Menu Commands
MasterMenuLength Maximum masters in Cell Placement Control menu
DevMenuStyle Set presentation style of device menu
LabelDefHeight Default text label height in microns
LabelMaxLen Max length of displayed label string
LabelMaxLines Max lines of displayed label string
LabelHiddenMode Set scope for hidden labels
LogoEndStyle End style for logos: 0 flush, 1 round, 2 extend
LogoPathWidth Path width for logos, 1 - 5
LogoAltFont Specify alternate font for logos
LogoPrettyFont Name of system font to use for logos
LogoPixelSize Specify the ``pixel'' size for logos
LogoToFile Create subcell for logos
NoConstrainRound No DRC constraints creating round objects
RoundFlashSides Number of sides to use in physical round objects
ElecRoundFlashSides Number of sides to use in electrical round objects
SpotSize Set mask resolution
SPICE Interface
SpiceListAll Include unconnected devices in Spice output
SpiceAlias Device key aliases for Spice output
SpiceHost Name of WRspice server
SpiceHostDisplay X display string to use on remote host
SpiceInclude Add include file to SPICE netlist
SpiceProg Path name of WRspice executable, supersedes below
SpiceExecDir Directory containing WRspice executable
SpiceExecName Name of WRspice executable
SpiceSubcCatchar Character used by WRspice in subcircuit expansion
SpiceSubcCatmode Mode for WRspice subcircuit expansion
CheckSolitary Report unconnected terminals in netlist
NoSpiceTools Do not show WRspice toolbar
File Menu - Printing
NoAskFileAction Don't ask before file actions in File Selection pop-up
DefaultPrintCmd Default print command (printer name in Windows)
NoDriverLabels Don't use driver text for hard copy labels
RmTempFileMinutes Set up temporary file removal
Cell Menu Commands
ContextDarkPcnt Control illumination of context in Push command
Editing General
AskSaveNative Prompt to save modified native cell when editing new cell
Constrain45 Constrain polygon and wire angles to 45-degree multiples
NoMergeObjects Suppress merging new boxes, polygons
NoMergePolys Clip/merge boxes only when merging
NoFixRot45 Don't ``fix'' vertex locations after non-Manhattan rotation
Edit/Modify Menu Commands
UndoListLength Number of operations saved in the undo list
MaxGhostDepth Maximum subcell expansion depth in ghosting
MaxGhostObjects Maximum number of objects shown in ghosting
NoWireWidthMag Don't change the width of magnified wires
CrCellOverwrite Allow Create Cell to overwrite memory cells
LayerChangeMode Specify layer change during move/copy
JoinMaxPolyVerts Upper bound of vertices in polygons from join (def. 600)
JoinMaxPolyGroup Limit number trapezoids per poly in join (def. 300)
JoinMaxPolyQueue Limit number trapezoids to form polys in join (def. 1000)
JoinBreakClean Manhattan split polygons with too many vertices
JoinSplitWires Include wires in join/split operations
PartitionSize Partition grid size in microns for layer operations
Threads Number of helper threads to employ
View Menu Commands
InfoInternal Use internal coordinates in info windows
PeekSleepMsec Per-layer delay in peek command, milliseconds
LockMode Don't allow physical/electrical mode change
XSectNoAutoY Disable cross-section automatic Y scaling
XSectYScale Set cross-section Y scale factor
Attributes Menu Commands
TechNoPrintPatMap Use hex format for stipple maps when writing tech file
TechPrintDefaults Set printing of default values in tech file update
BoxLineStyle Line style mask for highlighting box
EraseBehindProps Erase behind phys properties in props command
PhysPropTextSize Pixel text height used in props command
EraseBehindTerms Erase behind physical mode terminals marks
TermTextSize Pixel height of text used in terminal marks
TermMarkSize Pixel width of cross used for terminal marks
ShowDots Show electrical connections
FullWinCursor Enable full-window cursor
CellThreshold Min size in pixels of displayed subcell, integer > = 0
GridNoCoarseOnly Don't show coarse grid without fine grid
GridThreshold Minimum visible grid spacing pixels
Convert Menu - General
ChdFailOnUnresolved Halt CHD operation if unresolved cell
ChdCmpThreshold Set CHD compression block size threshold
MultiMapOk Allow non-1-1 mapping of Xic layers and GDSII layer/datatypes
NoPopUpLog Don't pop up log file if warnings or errors
UnknownGdsLayerBase Base number for generated GDSII layers
UnknownGdsDatatype Datatype for generated GDSII layers
NoStrictCellnames Allow white space in cell names
NoFlattenStdVias Keep standard via instances when flattening
NoFlattenPCells Keep parameterized cell instances when flattening
NoFlattenLabels Ignore labels in subcells when flattening
NoReadLabels Ignore text labels when reading physical cell data
KeepBadArchive Don't delete failed conversion output archive file
Convert Menu - Input and ASCII Output
ChdLoadTopOnly Load requested cell from CHD only, create reference
ChdRandomGzip Use random-access table for gzipped files
AutoRename Automatically change clashing cell names when reading
NoCreateLayer Don't create new layers when reading
NoMapDatatypes New layers take all datatypes in GDSII read
NoAskOverwrite Suppress prompting for overwrite instructions
NoOverwritePhys Don't overwrite phys memory cells when reading
NoOverwriteElec Don't overwrite elec memory cells when reading
NoOverwriteLibCells Don't overwrite library cells when reading
NoCheckEmpties Skip checking for empty cells while reading
NoPolyCheck Skip polygon reentrancy tests when reading
DupCheckMode Check for duplicate items when reading
EvalOaPCells Attempt to create sub-master for OpenAccess pcell instances
NoEvalNativePCells Don't attempt to create sub-master for native pcell instances
MergeInput Merge boxes and coincident objects when reading
LayerList Layer list for conversion input filtering
UseLayerList How to use layer list, skip or use only
LayerAlias List of name=alias pairs
UseLayerAlias Map layers using layer alias list
InToLower Map lower case cell names to upper in archive read
InToUpper Map upper case cell names to lower in archive read
InUseAlias Use alias file when reading archive
InCellNamePrefix Cell name translation prefix for archive read
InCellNameSuffix Cell name translation suffix for archive read
CifLayerMode CIF layer resolution method, 0-2
OasReadNoChecksum Ignore checksum in OASIS input file
OasPrintNoWrap Use one line per record in OASIS ASCII output
OasPrintOffset Add file offsets to OASIS ASCII output
Convert Menu - Output
StripForExport Strip all format extensions from output file
WriteMacroProps Include deprecated macro properties in output
KeepLibMasters Write library cells when creating archive file
SkipInvisible Do not write invisible layers to output
NoCompressContext Don't compress instance lists in archive context
RefCellAutoRename Use auto-rename when writing reference cell data
UseCellTab Enable use of the cell override table in CHD access
SkipOverrideCells Skip cells in override table in CHD access
Out32nodes Use old 3.2 node property syntax in output
OutToLower Map lower case cell names to upper in archive write
OutToUpper Map upper case cell names to lower in archive write
OutUseAlias Use alias file when writing archive
OutCellNamePrefix Cell name translation prefix for archive write
OutCellNameSuffix Cell name translation suffix for archive write
CifOutStyle CIF output dialect and extensions specifier
CifOutExtensions CIF output extension flags
CifAddBBox Add bounding box comment to objects in CIF output
GdsOutLevel GDSII release level conformance code (0-2)
GdsMunit Modify M-UNITS value in GDSII output file
GdsTruncateLongStrings Cut strings too long for record
NoGdsMapOk Ignore unmapped layers in GDSII/OASIS output
OasWriteCompressed Compress records in OASIS output
OasWriteNameTab Use string table referencing in OASIS output
OasWriteRep Try to combine similar objects in OASIS output
OasWriteChecksum Compute and add checksum to OASIS output
OasWriteNoTrapezoids Don't convert polys to trapezoids
OasWriteWireToBox Convert wires to boxes when possible
OasWriteRndWireToPoly Convert rounded-end wires to polygons
OasWriteNoGCDcheck Don't look for common divisors in repetitions
OasWriteUseFastSort Use faster but less effective sorting
OasWritePrptyMask Don't write certain properties
Custom Property Filtering
PhysPrpFltCell Physical cell property filter string
PhysPrpFltInst Physical instance property filter string
PhysPrpFltObj Physical object property filter string
ElecPrpFltCell Electrical cell property filter string
ElecPrpFltInst Electrical instance property filter string
ElecPrpFltObj Electrical object property filter string
Design Rule Checking
Drc Enable interactive rule checking
DrcNoPopup Suppress violation reporting pop-up
DrcLevel Set violation reporting level
DrcMaxErrors Quit testing when this many violations found
DrcInterMaxObjs Maximum number of objects to test interactively
DrcInterMaxTime Maximum milliseconds for interactive test
DrcInterMaxErrors Maximum violation count for interactive test
DrcInterSkipInst Skip expensive instance check in interactive test
DrcChdName Name of CHD for batch test
DrcChdCell Name of top cell in CHD to test
DrcLayerList List of layer names for filtering
DrcUseLayerList Use only or skip layers in list
DrcRuleList List of rule names for filtering
DrcUseRuleList Use only or skip rule in list
DrcPartitionSize Partition grid size in microns
Extraction Tech
AntennaTotal Default input for !antenna command
Db3ZoidLimit Trapezoid limit for the 3-D database
LayerReorderMode Default layer sequencing option
NoPlanarize When set, no layers are assumed planarizing
SubstrateEps Relative dielectric constant of substrate
SubstrateThickness Assumed thickness of substrate in microns
Extraction General
ExtractOpaque Ignore the OPAQUE flag in extraction
FlattenPrefix Cell name prefix to flatten in extraction
GlobalExclude Layer expression to exclude objects during extraction
GroundPlaneGlobal Ground all pieces of clear-field ground plane
GroundPlaneMulti Handle nets in dark-field ground plane
GroundPlaneMethod Set ground plane inversion method 0-2
KeepSortedDevs Include devices with terminals shorted
MaxAssocLoops Maximum loop count for association
MaxAssocIters Maximum iteration count for association
NoMeasure Suppress measuring parameters of devices
UseMeasurePrpty Read and update cached measurement results property
NoReadMeasurePrpty Don't read cached measurement results from property
NoMergeParallel Never merge parallel devices
NoMergeSeries Never merge series devices
NoMergeShorted Never merge devices with all terminals shorted
IgnoreNetLabels Ignore labels found in nets
UpdateNetLabels Create or update net labels after association
FindOldTermLabels Search for old-style ``term labels''
MergeMatchingNamed Merge nets with the same logical net name
MergePhysContacts Merge contacts for split-net handling
NoPermute Skip permutation search in association
PinLayer Name of layer for net labels
PinPurpose Name of purpose for net labels
RLSolverDelta Overriding grid spacing for resistance/inductance extraction
RLSolverTryTile Attempt to use tiling grid for resistance/inductance extraction
RLSolverGridPoints Grid points per device when not tiling
RLSolverMaxPoints Maximum grid points per device when tiling
SubcPermutationFix Apply post-association permutation fix
VerbosePromptline Print info on prompt line during extraction
ViaCheckBtwnSubs Check connectivity between subcircuit nets by via
ViaSearchDepth Cell hierarchy depth to search for vias
ViaConvex Assume all vias are convex polygons
Extract Menu Commands
QpathGroundPlane "Quick" Path, use of inverted ground plane, 0-2
QpathUseConductor "Quick" Path, allow Conductor objects in net
EnetNet Print net, enet command
EnetSpice Do include SPICE listing, enet command
EnetBottomUp Use leaf-to-root ordering in electrical netlist
PnetNet Print extracted net list, pnet command
PnetDevs Print extracted device list, pnet command
PnetSpice Print extracted SPICE list, pnet command
PnetBottomUp Use leaf-to-root ordering in physical netlist
PnetShowGeometry Include wire geometry in netlist file, pnet command
PnetIncludeWireCap Include routing caps in SPICE netlist, pnet command
PnetListAll List ignored and flattened subcells, pnet command
PnetNoLabels No net names from labels in pnet command output
PnetVerbose Print more information in pnet command output
SourceAllDevs Update internal-named devices in sourc command
SourceCreate Create devices in sourc command even if not empty
SourceClear Clear cell before updating with sourc command
SourceGndDevName Name of ground device used with sourc command
SourceTermDevName Name of terminal device used with sourc command
NoExsetAllDevs Don't use internal-named devices in exset command
NoExsetCreate Don't create devices in exset command
ExsetClear Clear cells before updating in exset command
ExsetIncludeWireCap Include routing capacitance in exset command
ExsetNoLabels No net names from labels in exset command output
LvsFailNoConnect Force LVS failure if unconnected physical instance
PathFileVias Include vias in wire net files
Capacitance Extraction Interface
FcArgs Capacitance extractor command line arguments
FcForeg Run capacitance extractor in foreground if set
FcLayerName Capacitance extractor masking layer name
FcMonitor Capacitance extractor output appears in console window if set
FcPlaneTarget Refined element count target
FcPath Path to capacitance extractor executable
FcPlaneBloat Capacitance extractor substrate bloat dimension
FcUnits Capacitance extractor file units: m, cm, mm, um, in, mils
Inductance/Resistance Extraction Interface
FhArgs FastHenry command line arguments
FhDefaults Text for .DEFAULT line in FastHenry input
FhDefNhinc Default for nhinc in FastHenry input
FhDefRh Default for rh in FastHenry input
FhForeg FastHenry run in foreground if set
FhFreq FastHenry frequency specification
FhLayerName FastHenry interface masking layer name
FhManhGridCnt Manhattanization grid cell count
FhMonitor FastHenry output appears in console window if set
FhOverride Override nhinc, rh in FastHenry input
FhPath Path to FastHenry executable
FhUnits FastHenry file units: m, cm, mm, um, in, mils
FhUseFilament Use FastHenry filaments
FhVolElMin FastHenry volume element minimum size factor
FhVolElTarget FastHenry volume element count target
FhVolEnable Enable segment refinement.
Help System
HelpDefaultTopic Suppress or set the default help topic
HelpMultiWin Use separate windows for help references

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