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Welcome to the Whiteley Research Inc. Package Distribution Site.

Current Release Numbers
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WRspice 4.3.13 1/27/21
Xic 4.3.11 1/27/21
The files in this directory and subdirectories expand to binary executables and supporting files for the XicTools suite. Thise are snap-shots of an open-source development project. The main programs were formerly commercial, but are now available free of charge. Use at your own risk, there are no guarantees whatsoever.

Generation 4.3 post-production releases are available!


  • Windows releases are now 64-bit, and run under msys2/mingw64. There is no longer a "gtk2_bundle", but msys2 installation is required to run the programs, details below.

  • LinuxRHEL5 and LinuxRHEL5.i686 are end-of-life and no longer supported. Win32 is no longer supported.

  • All packages have been updated with the latest builds from source, though in some cases the release numbers may not have changed.

  • The latest versions of the Xic and WRspice manuals are available in PostScript, PDF, and HTML form in the docs directory. The information in the manuals is current to the release number indicated on the title page.

  • The release notes are supplied in the distributions, and are installed by default in /usr/local/xictools/program/docs. Be sure to read this after installing a new program. This can be done from the main Help menu in the programs.

Source Code Availability


Downloading Instructions

You may have to press the Shift key or perform some other operation on your browser to initiate downloading, while clicking on the file name to download the file.

The Xic and WRspice programs can be enabled to automatically check for updates, and when available the user can download and install when convenient. If this is a first-time installation, or for some reason you choose to install manually, follow the procedure below.

It is recommended that you first create a temporary directory to receive the files.

  1. Click on the link in the table below that corresponds to your computer's operating system.

  2. Click on each of the files you wish to download, doing whatever is necessary on your browser to initiate downloading. Wait for the download to complete. You can simply download all of the files in the directory, especially for a first-time installation. Otherwise, you can download only the newer revisions of the programs you have installed. You should always download fresh copies of the wr_install and wr_uninstall scripts, and the .bat files under Windows, as these are small and might have changed.

  3. Do not change the names of the files! The wr_install script requires the given names.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for Microsoft Windows and Linux/OS X.
Package Files
Darwin Packages containing Mac OS X 64-bit packages for Yosemite (10.10) and later.
LinuxDebian10 Packages containing x86_64 64-bit binaries for Debian Linux 10 and similar.
LinuxFedora32 Packages containing x86_64 64-bit binaries for Fedora Linux 32 and similar.
LinuxOpenSUSE15 Packages containing x86_64 64-bit binaries for OpenSUSE Linux 15.1 and similar.
LinuxRHEL6 Packages containing x86_64 64-bit binaries for CentOS Linux 6 and similar.
LinuxRHEL7 Packages containing x86_64 64-bit binaries for CentOS Linux 7 and similar.
LinuxUbuntu18 Packages containing amd64 binaries for Ubuntu Linux 20 and similar.
MINGW Self-extracting archives containing Microsoft Windows 64-bit packages
Other Things of Interest
docs Directory containing manuals, release notes, and other supplemental documentation
misc Directory for misc. examples and non-essentials

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